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Winter Fitness Tips

As we march towards winter, the days are getting shorter. The mornings – and evenings – are darker than they are just a few weeks ago and the temperature is definitely dropping. We know that this can make it more challenging to find the motivation you need to make it to the gym.
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Fitness XO is Opening in Northcote

Fitness XO is the place to go if you want to feel great. Richmond dwellers have known this since Fitness XO first opened the doors to their first studio in November 2017. Now those on the north side of the city are going to have a chance to experience the great feelings that result from a Fitness XO class first hand, as the studio is set to open their second studio in Northcote later this year.
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The Best Way To Measure Your Fitness Progress

Ever wonder if all the work you’re putting into your workouts is actually working? If all the health foods you’re eating are actually translating into a healthier body? You no longer have to wonder, as Fitness XO has a brand new InBody570 body composition analyzer that can measure exactly how your body is changing over time.