Some of our customer reviews

Bernard Curry

First in LA and now in Melbourne. Pumped you opened XO up here. Terrific!

Bernard Curry - IMDB
Stephanie McIntosh

I loved training with Jimmy in LA. Tough, but fun. I miss him. Cant wait to visit XO.

Stephanie McIntosh - IMDB
Kate Jenkinson

"I fell in love with Jimmy's workouts when I was in LA. And I'm thrilled I can train with him at XO in Melbourne. He is motivational and enthusiastic. He makes me excited to work out!"

Kate Jenkinson - IMDB
Nicky Whelan (Actress)

Jimmy, was my PT over a couple years in LA. I loved his sessions.... wish he didn't leave !

Nicky Whelan (Actress) - IMDB
Max Gawn (AFL Footballer)

I Love giving myself a little XO in the off season.

Max Gawn (AFL Footballer) - Instagram
Emma Bell

Fitness XO is truly awesome and fun! For someone who has always struggled with the gym and keeping up their fitness, fitness XO has been incredible! Everyday is a different circuit and focus. Jimmy and Kane are so friendly, easy to work with and great at keeping you motivated!

Emma Bell - Facebook
Erana Tito

Good work out, friendly staff, nice facilities ★★★★★

Erana Tito - Google Review
Gina DiBenedetto

Love this gym! First time in my life I've been able to stick to a workout plan. Jimmy and Kayne are absolute legends and will get you into shape in no time. I have never felt and looked better.

Gina DiBenedetto - Facebook

Great atmosphere! Always feel better after I’ve had my daily dose of XO! ★★★★★

JK - Google Review
Marlaina McPhillips

Hands down... then hands up... all of a sudden you’re doing a burpee and loving it? Best place I’ve ever trained. The trainers are engaging, there’s a real sense of community with everyone in the class and you’re having fun whilst getting fit. What more could I ask for... abs trivia on a Friday... oh wait -DONE ✔️. Can not recommend highly enough. ★★★★★

Marlaina McPhillips - Google Review
Kylie Bourke

I can't speak highly enough of Fitness XO. It's such a fun, energetic and supportive team environment - and Jimmy, Elle and the team are so encouraging and full of positivity. It's the best gym I've ever joined!

Kylie Bourke - Facebook
Krystle Egginton

We love training at XO fitness! Always get a great sweat on and it's always challenging!! Great encouragement from Jimmy and Kane and the friendly staff are always there to greet you with a smile and free sweat towel! Give it a go, you won't regret it! Seriously have loved training here over the past month!

Krystle Egginton - Facebook