Winter Fitness Tips

How to Stay Motivated to Workout this Winter

As we march towards winter, the days are getting shorter. The mornings – and evenings – are darker than they were just a few weeks ago and the temperature is definitely dropping. We know that this can make it more challenging to find the motivation you need to make it to the gym. After all, your bed is oh so cozy and Netflix and the couch are both calling your name after a long day at work.

However, as most of us know deep down, what feels good temporarily doesn’t necessarily make us feel better in the long run. Yes, it might hurt a little getting out of bed to make it to your 6am class, but we guarantee you’ll be glad you made the effort once you’re actually there. Plus, you’ll reap the benefits of kickstarting your metabolism early, gaining increased energy and a boost in your mood all day long.

Below, Fitness XO founders Jimmy and Elena Taylor, share their top 5 tips on how to stay fit and motivated all winter long:

1- Do it to feel good

At XO, we encourage people to work out to feel great. We believe this is a pretty powerful reason to make the effort to show up for your daily workout. Numerous studies have shown that exercise can boost ones mood and ease long-term depression. So next time you’re tempted to skip your winter workout, think about how much better you’ll feel afterwards if you do it, and how much worse you might feel if you skip it!

2- Remember, maintenance is easier than a comeback

It’s true what they say, summer bodies really are built in winter. While it may be tempting to hide behind oversized sweaters and jackets in the cold months, it won’t be too long before it will be time to pull out the spring and summer wardrobe. Keeping up your fitness routine over winter means there will be less pressure to drop weight quickly when the sun inevitably begins to shine again. Plus, the longer you put off working out, the harder it will be to start a routine later. So set yourself up for success and keep up the momentum you’ve got now!

3- Keep in mind the fact that consistency is key

To see real gains in your physical fitness, you need to be consistent with your exercise routine. We always encourage our members to come at least 4 times per week for best results. And we’re sorry to say, this doesn’t change with the seasons! Planning ahead can really help with consistency. Booking into classes at the start of the week and keeping this commitment just like you would any other prescheduled event on your calendar, are great ways to remain consistent with your fitness routine.

4- Commit to a program

Group exercise classes are a great way to stay motivated. You don’t have to think about what you’re going to do once you get to the gym – you simply show up and follow the program. Our trainers are always there to help push and motivate you when your resolve is a little shaky. Another perk of committing to a studio such as XO? You have other people expecting to see you at the gym. Simply telling someone else your plans to workout (or even better, actually buddying up and agreeing to attend a class with a workout partner) makes it more likely that you’ll show up. Plus, working out with others is a little extra incentive to keep your commitment, as it makes exercise more fun and sociable.

5- Keep up other healthy habits

What you eat plays a big role in your motivation to exercise. While it may be tempting to fill up on big hearty meals when it’s cold and grey out, maintaining a healthy, well-balanced diet throughout the winter months is essential. Not only will it give you the energy and stamina you need for training, it also helps fight off the afternoon slump that can often deter us from exercise. So keep up the meal planning and prep – as well as any other healthy habits that are part of your normal routine. For example, make sure you continue to get adequate sleep and take a little time for yourself when you can. Even 10 minutes with a cup of tea and your favorite music after a class can make a difference. After all, it’s hard to keep your motivation going strong when you don’t take time to relax and recover. Inside and outside of the studio, we want you to keep giving yourself some XO!