Challenge – Richmond

Fitness Challenge - Richmond

Richmond Fitness Challenge

Launches In:

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Sunday 01/09 – Saturday 26/10

Challenge will include:

  • Unlimited XO classes
  • The option to commit to 4 or 8 weeks
  • Starting and ending body scans – along w/ a full 1-on-1 review of results
  • Starting and ending strength + fitness tests
  • Meal Plans (tailored to your individual goals – includes recipes!)
  • Goal-oriented nutritional guidance
  • Launch seminar where you’ll get all the details you need to succeed 
  • Individual goal setting and progress check in session
  • Weekly emails to keep you informed and motivated
  • Closing event to celebrate all of your hard work and amazing results
  • A chance to win the grand prize package -and…
  • A MONEY BACK Guarantee if you don’t improve*

*To be eligible for the money back guarantee, you must agree to before and after photos, a goal setting session and a pre and post scan and fitness assessment; further, you must attend a minimum of 4 classes per week.

Key Dates:

  • Friday 30 August: Challenge Info Session at 6:30pm, following the 5:30pm class – Includes an introduction to the challenge, including an overview of the meal plans, goal setting, and our recommended fitness routine.
  • Friday 30 August + Saturday August 31: Body scans, fitness assessments and goal overview + plan of action meetings are to be done over these two days. We will contact each participant individually prior to the challenge start to schedule a specific time for your body scan and fitness test. We’ll also send out the Challenge Packet (which includes everything you need to know to successfully complete the challenge) on Saturday – your unlimited classes start tomorrow so get excited!!! 🙂
  • Sunday 1 September: Challenge officially starts!
  • Saturday 28 September: Challenge Mid-Point: For those doing the 4 week challenge, this will serve as either your starting point or ending point.
  • Saturday 26 October + Sunday 27 October: Final Assessments – Throughout the mornings, we’ll do the post-challenge body scans and fitness tests. As with the pre-challenge scans and tests, we will contact each participant individually to schedule a specific time for your body scan and fitness test.
  • Monday 4 November: The evening before Melbourne Cup. This is the day we celebrate all of your hard work and success! Drinks, nibbles, and celebrations are to be had by all. We’ll also announce the winner of the grand prize at this event! Exact time and place to be announced shortly.

What to Expect …. “Is this Challenge for me”?

At Fitness XO, our main aim is to make you feel great. Inside and out. From the moment you step into our studio and long after you leave it.

Keeping this in mind, the Fitness XO Fitness Challenge is NOT a “quick fix” scheme where you slave away in the gym and deprive yourself of the food you love in order to drop weight quickly – it is a deliberate goal-oriented system that addresses the many facets of what it takes to be a whole, healthy person.

The Fitness XO Fitness Challenge is for anyone with a health or fitness goal, regardless of your starting fitness level. While some of our challenge participants start with the goal of weight loss, many others have joined with the intention of gaining muscle, increasing strength & endurance or establishing healthy habits – among many other reasons. We welcome all motivations and will work with your individual goals to help get you the results that you seek – all while taking a holistic perspective and having some fun along the way.

Throughout the Fitness XO Fitness Challenge, our expert coaches will educate, motivate and support you. We’ll sit down with you one-one-on to address your personal goals and motivations (your WHY) and create an individual plan of action. In addition to the one-one-one attention you’ll get, you will also receive the benefit of being in a supportive group environment with other dedicated challengers around to help keep you accountable!

We will do everything possible to help you succeed in this challenge. So if you have a health or fitness goal you’d like to achieve this year and you’re ready to put in the work and have some fun, we encourage you to join our XO Fitness Challenge now! We truly believe this challenge can transform your life and bring you lasting results.

But, don’t just take our word for it…

A word from our previous challenge Winners:

Nat Bourke

Winning the March Madness Challenge still makes me grin with pride! With some determination and hard work, in those 4 weeks I lost 4.5kg of body fat and gained 3kg of muscle. I doubled the amount of weight I could bench press, discovered that I actually don’t mind smashing out burpees and started running 5km distances (something I never thought possible!). Not only that, I began to crave the rush I’d have after a class. XO has changed everything about health and fitness for me. I’m stronger than I have ever been, fitter, healthier, happier and I’ve made some wonderful friends along the way.  With reasons like that, why wouldn’t you give yourself some XO?

Kylie Bourke

My results for the 8 week challenge were beyond what I imagined… and I feel great! I became addicted to the XO classes and pushed my body to new limits. I lost 9.7kgs, increased my fitness and strength (eg doubled my bench press and lifted heavier weights), have new-found energy and confidence, and can better manage stress. Thanks to the meal plan and recipe ideas I also established healthier eating habits. The best thing about the challenge is the supportive team environment, with everyone encouraging each other to achieve our personal best.

John Stack

I recently completed the 8 week challenge at Fitness XO and it was a super experience that helped me lose an unwanted 8kg of body fat whilst helping me increase strength but most importantly helped me get me back on track and focus on my health and fitness. Jimmy and the team were so supportive and there guidance and encouragement was invaluable in helping me achieve my goals and train hard even when I didn’t feel like it.. If you have any thoughts about joining Fitness XO then I can only recommend you just do it. 

Bernie Tan-Hayes

Having been with Jimmy, Elena and the XO team since just after Christmas 2018 and making good progress on my weight, I initially took the opportunity of the challenge to really reset some of my eating, drinking and training habits. It turns out this was the missing link in my holistic fitness and wellbeing. The constant encouragement from Jimmy and the team and the goal setting and check in’s with Elle kept me on track and motivated. Over the 8 week challenge my habits were well and truly reset. I committed to the food program, not drinking alcohol (self inflicted) and training every day I was in Melbourne over the 8 weeks. I lost 9.8Kg (almost all Fat), My Visceral Fat level went from 10 to 6 and my final strength and fitness test results were double to triple those at the start of the challenge. Most importantly for me is that since the challenge I have managed to maintain the losses and the lifestyle. I’m looking forward to the next challenge and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a way to not only improve their fitness and strength but also anyone looking to kickstart some lifestyle changes.


Member: $79 (the same  price, whether you choose to do 4 or 8 weeks … so why not commit to the full 8 weeks 😊)

Non-Member: $519 for 8 weeks | $319 for 4 weeks


Still Have Questions?

Please feel free to call us or email us@fitnessxo.com with any remaining questions or queries. We are happy to chat with you 🙂


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